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Let’s get started your Review’s Campaign

Helping your customers find your Google review page

With a good amount of reviews on Google Profile that show 5 stars for the business, it makes online relevance better positioned organically.
To depend less on sponsored links and ads in the Google search engine, you need to have a good level of reviews with 5 star.

This service is for rise the 5 star review level of your business. We do that through a campaign with 3 main means: eMails; SMS and Thanks Card.

  • eMails for email campaign with a short link to drive direct to Google Review Profile Page;
  • SMS for text message campaign with a very short message with a link, inviting to write a review for you
  • Thanks Review Cards for you simply hand one to every happy client and whether scanning the JTQRCodes, they can leave you a 5 star review on any device in seconds.

Google Review cards are personalised to your business

They are easy to use allowing customers to leave you a review in seconds. Simply scan the custom QR code with their phone camera or type in the short link which takes them directly to your review page where they leave their review.

It really is that easy!

Why more and more local businesses are using review cards to generate more 5 star customer reviews.

  • They are so simple to use – Customers can leave you an on-line review in seconds, and on any device.

  • Custom quick links – A bespoke, memorable short code takes people directly to your review page.

  • Bespoke JTQRCodes – Lets customers leave you a review on their mobile phone at the touch of a button.

  • Personalised information – Your business name, logo, telephone number and website for future reference.

  • Easy to order – We do all the design work for you and provide proofs to make sure you’re 100% happy.

Let’s get started… choose where you want to get more reviews?

Areas on the cards will be edit and personalise for your business.

(You will see a proof for as a test before go to print)

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