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Why Choose Use

Became a JT Authorized Agent in Your Area and Build a New and Better Carrier Fast

If you are a person with focus on sells, this is an excellent opportunity.

As an authorized Reseller in your area, you are becoming a recognized partner and authorized person to resell our services and products with a very competitive commission rate: Websites, System Development, Online Marketing, Web Services, Networking, Cloud System, Web Presence, New Computers, Tech Support, Computer Troubleshooting … and more.

Resellers understanding that being a very kind of people, keeping the eyes, ears and fillings open to make business in all environment that they are. Opportunities are in everywhere and all time, not only at business hours. 

The first step is to send your information through the form. As soon as we receive your info, we’ll contact you to the step to qualify. If you already have experience creating and/or selling sites, you can also become an JTAgent. Whether you are already an experienced website designer, becoming a JTAgent you’ll add more services to your portfolio and you’ll earn more.





Became a Reseller

You don’t need technical knowledge, just do your job with passion to go beyond of the common!

JT provides extensive training and proven lead generation strategy! With this position you not only get plenty commissions, but also residual income. You will be able to work from our office in Kearny NJ ou telecommute from anywhere in the USA.


  • HOW I DO TO QUALIFY? After we received your information, they will be analyzed. We’ll send you an email with a link with the access to the training material. How much more you learn, more you can grown your sells. You have to learn about our company, what is our mission, how we think and how we act. You will be totally independent as a JTAgent. If there is an identification between both parties, we with you and you with us, you will get approved and the work material and access to your personal online account for tracking sales and everything that occurs in their work.
  • HOW AND WHEN I WILL BE PAID? The balances are made at the end of each month and payments on the 1st week of the following month. There are 3 ways to pay you: Direct deposit; PayPal; Zelle; Venmo and Checks.
  • THERE ARE LIMITS TO SELL? NOT AT ALL. How much more you sell, the greater value will be your commission.
  • HOW MY SALES ARE CONTROLLED? Within your account accessible only through a login and password, you will track the history of your sales and commissions.
  • HOW MUCH I NEED PAY TO PARTICIPATE? Nothing. Nada, Niente. You don’t need to invest any penny to be a REseller. You don’t need to buy any HOME SALES KIT. Everything will be provided.

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