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Tech Support Plan

so you will not have any surprises

Tired to have surprises with system’s crashes?

JT Tech Support helps to avoid surprises

Hourly Services Rates – Contract | Non-Contract

Toll Free (855) 622-7210 – Emergency Services 24x7

  • Business Hours: (9am – 6pm, Mon – Fri)
  • After Hours: (6pm – 9am Mon – Fri, Weekends/Holidays)
IT Consulting\ Support \ Network \ Web Site Services Contract Non-Contract
Remote Support / Help Desk Phone Support $98 1st hour
+ $48/h additional
$148 1st hr
+ $98/h additional
On-site Technical Services:
IT Network Troubleshooting & Server Support
IT Network Administration Consulting
$98/h $198 1st hour
+ $148/h additional
On-site Emergency Service and/or After Hours $198/h $298/h
No Travel Fee to Client Sites: Within 30 miles from our office
Travel Fee beyond 30 miles $98 / 30 miles
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Residential Users | Small and Medium Business

Services On-site or Remote

$98/mo – 1-2 Users


  • 2hrs/mo Remote/Visit
  • 1 Comp (PC or Mac)
  • 1 Printer + 1 Smartphone
  • Remote Connection
  • 500GB JTCloud Backup                     (+ $29/mo per TB)
  • Ticket/Email/Chat

$298/mo – 2-4 Users


  • 4hrs/mo Remote/Visit
  • 2 Comp (PC or Mac)
  • 1 Printer
  • Remote Connection
  • 500GB JTCloud Backup                     (+ $29/mo per TB)
  • Ticket/Email/Chat

$498/mo – 4-6 Users


  • 8hrs/mo Remote/Visit
  • 3 Comp (PC or Mac)
  • 2 Printers +1 Server/NAS
  • Remote Connection
  • 1TB JTCloud Backup                     (+ $29/mo per TB)
  • Tickets/Emails/Chat

Please, click on TeamViewer logo to download our quick remote access.

When download is finished, double click on it to install and tell Your ID and Your Password to the consultant. 

Note: By initiating the TeamViewer software, you accept JT Web & Computer Solutions’s Disclaimer for the Use of TeamViewer.

Disclaimer for the Use of TeamViewer: JT Web & Computer Solutions does not assume any responsibility for the programs installed on your computer or the software for protecting these (virus scanners or firewalls). JT Web & Computer Solutions does not accept any liability for faults that it has not caused, even if these occur at a similar time to when the support was provided. JT Web & Computer Solutions assures you that our employees are suitably trained and adhere to non-disclosure and due diligence obligations. Please note that this service is only available to you during our business hours and following an agreement made over the telephone or in writing with our support staff. The consultant cannot view your PC without your expressed permission. The consultant cannot work with you without your expressed permission. Data cannot be removed from your PC unnoticed and without your permission. You can terminate the joint session at any time.

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  • Monday - Friday 9am - 8pm
  • Saturday 10am - 3pm
  • Holidays Closed
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