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Just buying a computer, a printer and an office suite does mean that you computerized your business.

We have had hear many of business owner upset about to keep the controls in the hands of employee that is an excel expert. Many times we advice about the office suite is important and very necessary to a business, but it is not enough to full  control it.

With the right software pool using the cloud technology that we have in this days, you as a business owner can have the controls within reach of your hands any time, anywhere.

The software can operated by any employee with a good training program. This way you have the control as a ship’s captain.

Small Business Software Solutions

Manage and track your billing process

Create invoices, print, email or fax directly to clients for faster payment. The reporting functionality allows you to keep track of payments, overdue accounts, sales team performance and more.

  • Create invoices, quotes and orders quickly
  • Automate recurring invoices and templates
  • Easily add multiple users and enable remote access
  • Available for WIndows & MacOS
  • Stand alone, Network & Internet
Accounts and bookkeeping program for business

This is a professional business accounting software, perfect for small businesses needing to document and report on incoming and outgoing cash flow including sales, receipts, payments and purchases.

  • Easily track payments and deposit transactions
  • Balances and reports to see how your business is doing
  • Email or fax reports directly to your accountant
  • Available for WIndows & MacOS
  • Stand alone, Network & Internet
Customer Relationship Management Software

Consolidate customer information across an organization to help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. This gives businesses more complete insight into their clients and customers, and helps front-line employees make faster, better informed decisions.

  • Improve customer loyalty and retention
  • Increase ROI on marketing campaigns with better targeting
  • Improve cross-selling and up-selling success
  • Available for WIndows & MacOS
  • Stand alone, Network & Internet
Business Inventory Management and Stock Control

Manage and monitor your inventory with Inventoria to help streamline your operations and boost profits.

  • Easily organize and keep track of inventory
  • Never run out of stock with warnings and reports
  • Cloud access feature lets staff access remotely
  • Installs and is running in just minutes
  • Available for WIndows & MacOS
  • Stand alone, Network & Internet
Home Accounting and Checkbook Software

Personal finance software tracks all your money, bank accounts and spending in one place, so you stay organized and in control of your finances.

  • Keep track of your spending
  • Monitor bank account balances
  • Track investments to aid in financial planning
  • Easy budgeting tools
  • Available for WIndows & MacOS
Track Employee Attendance and Computer Use

Track your staff hours and computer activity making tracking hours, vacation time and sick leave easier for employees and HR alike. It also has computer usage monitoring for quality control, security or legal compliance.

  • Track staff check in times and working hours
  • Know what your staff is working on
  • Create a flexible working environment
  • View reports for each employee
  • Available for WIndows & MacOS

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